Service providers        

Farmer resources

  1. Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization
  2. National Cereals and Produce Board
  3. National Farmers Information service
  4. Agricultural Information Resource Centre(AIRC) 
  5. Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate(KEPHIS)
  6. Kenya seed company
  7. Plantwise Knowledge Bank 
  8. Access Agriculture
  9. Infonet Biovision
  10. A.A.T.F



  1. Agricultural Development Corporation
  2. Agricultural Finance Corporation
  3. Coffee Board of Kenya
  4. Horticultural Crops Development Authority
  5. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)
  6. Kenya Dairy Board
  7. Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research institutes
  8. Kenya National Federation of Agricultural Producers
  9. Kenya Sugar Board
  10. Kenya sugar research foundation(KESREF)
  11. National Cereals And Produce Board
  12. National Irrigation Board
  13. New KCC
  14. Pest Control Products Board
  15. South Nyanza Sugar Company
  16. Tea Board
  17. Tea Research Foundation

Research institutions

ICIPE – International center of insect psychology and ecology



Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization(KALRO)

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