Recommended Pesticides for controlling Fall Army worms

Recommended pesticides in Uganda

Trade Names Active ingredient Mode of application
Striker Thiamethoxam 141g/l + Lambda-Cyhalothrin 106g/l Contact
Engeo Thiamethoxam 141g/l + Lambda-Cyhalothrin 106g/l Contact and systematic
Bash Thiamethoxam 141g/l + Lambda-Cyhalothrin 106g/l Contact
Rockett Profenos 40% + Cypermethrin Contact
Larvett Profenos 40% + Cypermethrin Contact
Supa Profenofos Profenos 40% + Cypermethrin Contact
Profecron Profenos 40% + Cypermethrin Contact
Agro-cypro Profenos 40% + Cypermethrin Contact
Hitcell Profenos 40% + Cypermethrin Contact
Dudu Fenos Profenos 40% + Cypermethrin Contact
Extreme Profenos 40% + Cypermethrin Contact
Misile Profenos 40% + Cypermethrin Contact
Cypercal Profenos 40% + Cypermethrin Contact
Socket plus Profenos 40% + Cypermethrin Contact
Profex super Profenos 40% + Cypermethrin Contact

Recommended pesticides in Kenya

The ministry of Agriculture and Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization in Kenya suggested some pesticides that can be used to reduce the effects and aftermath of the destruction of fall army worms.

From the government include:

  • Vantex 60 CS-Gamma cyhalothrin
  • Coragen 200 SC-Chlorantraniliprole
  • Voliam targo 63SC-Chlorantraniliprole
  • elt 480 SC-Flubendiamide
  • Avaunt 150 SC Indoxacarb,
  • Orthene Pellet-Acephate
  • Marshal 250 EC-Carbosulfan
  • Match 50 EC-Lufenuron
  • Fastac 10 EC-alpha-cypermethrin

From Kenya Agricultural and Research Organization include:-

  • Abamectin + Chlor­antranili­prole (e.g. Voliam Targo 063 SC),
  • Lufen­uron (e.g. Match 50EC),
  • Chlor­antranili­prole (e.g. Cor­agen 20SC),
  • Emamectin ben­zoate (e.g. Prove 1.92EC),
  • Pyri­proxy­fen (e.g. Pro­fen 10.8EC)
  • Aceph­ate (e.g. Orthene Pel­let)

They can be bought from certified chemical sellers such as Coopers, Twiga Chemicals and Orbit Chemical industries.

Other recommended pesticides in Africa

Active Ingredient          Brand Name
Maltodextrin Eradicot T
Emamectin Benzoate+Acetamiprid Ema Star 112EC
Emamectin Benzoate Control 5WDG

Ataka Super EC

Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) Bypel 1


Chlorpyrifos+Deltamethrin Pyrinex Quick 256EC
Acetamiprid + Indoxacarb Viper 46EC
Ethyl palmitate Super top


Lambda- cyhalothrin+Acetamiprid K-Optimal EC
Imidacloprid + Betacyflutherine Thunder 145 OD O-TEQ
Imidacloprid+Bifenthrin Galil 300SC
Acetamiprid+Cypermethrin Chemaprid


Spraying of the pests should be done early in the morning or late in the evening when the larvae fall army worms are most effective. The top leaves and funnels should be sprayed two to three times in an interval of two weeks to effectively control the young larvae that may emerge after earlier sprays.

It is also important to observe the presence of eggs on either sides of the plant leaves and destroy them immediately by crushing or spraying.


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