Pheromone traps

Pheromone traps are normally erected to trap adult male moths. Pheromone is a chemical secreted by a female insect to attract males for mating.  Once they are trapped in the bucket, there is no more possibility of mating. Pheromone traps need to be placed one month before planting, by hanging on poles. They should be placed near the maize fields so that the scents of the pheromone can be carried across the tops of the plants by wind.

The pheromone lure should be replaced every four weeks for continuous trap process and they should be removed every week. Once attracted, a sticky board/catching bucket tends to attract the insect.

You can download a comprehensive guide on how to use pheromone traps here

Push and pull method

For this method, farmers need to use natural horticultural oil spray such as multipurpose neem  oil spray at various stages of larvae growth. Push and pull method entails intercropping maize with drought-resistant Greenleaf desmodium and planting Brachiaria or Napier grass on the farm’s edge. The Greenleaf desmodium becomes repellant thus emitting a blend of compuounds that help push fall army worms away from maize. Nappier grass(Brachiaria Mulato II grass) around thefield edge produce chemicals that attract the pests.

This is an environmental friendly and cost-effective approach for managing pests.