Zaois- Tech is a one-stop agricultural online portal accessible via internet or SMS services. Our digital platform supports farmers, extension officers, marketers, service providers, and other stakeholders in the the agriculture sector. In addition, we provide a wide range of technologies to identify, report, mitigate and track incidences of Fall Army Worms and other pests.

Some of the specific Zaois Tech services include;

  • Storing verified agricultural related information and making it easy to access by all stakeholders
  • Offer the latest research findings
  • Offer the inventory of agricultural inputs in real time
  • Gather insight and offer the best advice to all stake holders using AI and data analytics
  • Use machine learning to accurately identify pests and crop diseases
  • Offer a unified platform that links farmers, extension officers and other service industries such as marketing, credit facilities and insurance facilities
  • Offer insights of agricultural opportunities specifically targeting the youths.